An experiment on code structure

Let’s say you want some software built. So you hire a team of smart developers, tell them what to build, and leave them alone. Inputs will be needed in the form of computer hardware, pizza and coffee. Of course, you expect outputs in the form of status updates (no one outside the team will understand the updates, but that’s beside the point). Since you hired smart developers and gave them everything they need, you can be sure they’ll do a good job in no more time than necessary, so you don’t to bother them with schedules and such.

Kinda okay generated text

I recently wrote a Markov chain package which included a random text generator. The generated text is not very good. Here’s a sample, based on War and Peace: everything Make way to a child till late and was ready or to crush the Kiev And what he said Prince I will write a leather apron under this We shall go and pressed close up that’s why they are you spent every word from advancing to write to prevent his whole army their guilt which the wounded yet dies as he exclaimed Natásha of the mountains of the inn they all and to Znaim road crossed himself up to the midst of musketry on the big windows The major quietly with cards with his lips a bleeding and all

Markov Chains

The first time I ever heard of a Markov chain was overhearing a conversation at work. My coworker was reading generated text from a Markov chain of the King James Bible, and was commenting on how ghastly the produced text was. Here’s a sample, Thus saith the children of the liver of God and the tabernacle and forsake my doors of the breast and she sitteth in Seir most holy in at an homer of Pharez and ye may enjoy the needy

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